Poor Julie Anne Genter forced to swallow a large rancid rat

Genter called Laila Harre’s integrity into question. ?And rightly so. ? But since Harre is now a Labour party member, it seems truth has to yield to the Memorandum Of Understanding.

Green MP Julie Ann Genter has publicly apologised to Laila Harre for criticising comments Harre made in an interview about her reasons for leaving the Greens.

Harre had claimed she left her role as issues director with the Green Party because she was unhappy with the way the Greens had handled a rebuffed attempt for a united campaign front with the Labour Party, claiming the Greens had leaked it.

In a spat on Twitter, Green MP Julie-Anne Genter said she had lost respect for Harre because of Harre’s account about why she left the Greens in 2014.

The former Internet Party leader had also wrongly accused the Greens of leaking sensitive information, Genter said.

Julie Ann was right. ?Especially since Laila Harre is currently performing a huge image rebuilding exercise with the help of a few media mates gumming her to ecstasy. ?

Genter tweeted that she “used to have a lot of respect for Harre” but her account of quitting the Greens “doesn’t stack up”.

Harre quit the Greens after being announced as Internet Party leader, and never said anything about being unhappy with the Green-Labour talks, Genter said.

She also contested Harre’s claim about leaking.

“No one but Laila has ever claimed the Greens leaked that. In fact I heard from Labour insiders it was [former Labour MP] Shane Jones.”

The Green MP went on to say she thought “false narratives need to be countered”.

Good on her.

Sadly, she got a rolled up newspaper across the nose and was forced to make a public apology the next day.

If it comes to backing Dotcom’s old political girlfriend or the Greenie that wants us all to travel on trains and bicycles, I know which one to believe.

And it isn’t this lady.


– Isaac Davison, NZ Herald