Sharia law advocate,organiser of the Women’s March and hater of Israel gets put in her place

Linda Sarsour is everything that I dislike in a woman. As a Muslim activist, she uses the freedom she enjoys in the United States to promote repressive, violent and misogynist Sharia Law by lying about how wonderful it is. One of her selling points is that under Sharia?law you don’t have to pay interest on a loan.


She misses out inconvenient truths like needing four male or eight female witnesses before a rape will be recognised legally as a rape.?Yes, that’s right ladies, get raped without the required number of [email protected]##*** witnesses who did nothing to save you and you will get punished by the Islamic legal system for the crime of adultery.

As well as being a deceptive promoter of an anti-democratic system of law inside a democratic country in her spare time Linda is also a hater of Israel with connections to the brutal terrorist group Hamas. Hamas amongst other terrorist crimes sends teenage terrorists into Israel to stab pregnant women, old people and children. Hamas are equal opportunity slaughterers of the innocent you have to give them that.

Linda has also earned my contempt for her promotion of human rights violater supreme and ironic head of the UN Human Right’s committee, Saudia Arabia. Recently, however, she meets her match on twitter and was comprehensively put in her place by none other than Israeli Dani Dayan.


Linda Sarsour, one of the co-organizers of this weekend’s Woman’s march is touting Saudi Arabia as a feminist, um, Mecca…