Is it time to begrudgingly admire the madman?


You can rightfully accuse Donald Trump of many things but you couldn’t accuse the most powerful man in the world of sitting on his hands.

Detractors say Barrack Obama got nothing done in eight years.

Well, within a few days of moving into the Oval office, Trump has dumped the TPPA, signed off on building the border wall (I thought he was kidding!) with Mexico and presided over the Dow Jones breaking through the 20,000 barrier.

The latter is due in no small part to pro-business rhetoric and is a far cry from November 8 when the Dow futures market dropped 800 points upon news of his election.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s barking mad, but maybe Trump is a sign of the new political order sweeping the world? Are the days of the career politician over? Will the world from here on in be run by billionaire businessman and former KGB agents?

Interesting, when you consider our new Prime Minister definitely falls into the career politician camp.

And will the new preferred form of communication for these new world leaders be social media, where you can shun the conventional press and put out ‘alternative facts’ and ‘post-truths’ at your convenience and for your own convenience?

The leader of free world, after all, uses Twitter as his medium of choice in his one-man crusade to make America great again.

Media, pundits and observers really don’t know what to make of Donald Trump. ?On the whole, they see him as a negative force. ?Yet he’s done what no other politician has done: ?he’s implemented his promises. ? No wonder that’s freaked people out.

Some will work, some will be failures. ?I suspect the media will only focus and sensationalise the failures. ? That will be their mistake. ?Again.

Voters will see that Trump achieved more than “real” politicians, and another four years will be his reward.


– Jamie Mackay, NZ Herald