How Whaleoil can become New Zealand’s Breitbart

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The very first year that Whaleoil started as the personal blog of Cameron Slater he already was following blogs with large amounts of followers overseas. He analysed what they were doing and started emulating their techniques while at the same time creating his own unique personal style. He realised that New Zealand was five years behind America blogging wise and he spent ten years building Whaleoil’s audience with the help of many wonderful volunteers and eventually its first paid staff member, the amazing Pete.

Whaleoil can become New Zealand’s Breitbart if the subscription numbers continue to grow. We will use the extra income to hire more staff and we will train interns. Given the appropriate resources, we will expand services which may possibly include news aggregation from sources you can trust.

Breitbart has media outlets now in London, Jerusalem, Texas and California and it started off as the personal blog of Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart, a staunchly conservative media entrepreneur, created in 2007, which mostly aggregated news from other outlets.

Over time, Breitbart – who worked for online news pioneers Arianna Huffington and Matt Drudge – decided to create a site that challenged and undermined the power of mainstream media, which he saw as ruled by liberal-leaning reporters, editors and publishers.

He created three websites, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood and Big Government, covering all three arenas from a combative, right-wing perspective. Breitbart mirrored his news sites’ attitude with his own larger-than-life persona.

“My entire business model is to go on offense,” he told Slate in 2010. “They want to portray me as crazy, unhinged, unbalanced. OK, good, fine.”

By subscribing to Whaleoil you get more than just a faster and ad-free experience. When you subscribe to Whaleoil you become part of our plan to once again imitate what works overseas and to replicate its success here in New Zealand.

Every time someone pushes this button we get one step closer to our goal.