Whaleoil and Gay Express articles lead to review of Sonny Bill William’s BMW sponsorship

Whaleoil covered Sonny Bill William’s friendship with an extremist Muslim hate preacher in the following articles.

Time to change cars?Sonny Bill Williams appointed BMW brand ambassador?-?October 26th 2016?

BMW?s SBW PR disaster spreads?-?November 17 2016

Advice from Sonny Bill Williams ? choose your friends wisely?- January 1st 2017

Online magazine Gay Express also covered the story.?BMW?S LATEST AMBASSADOR LINKED TO ANTI-LGBT+ FIGURES?

Sonny Bill Williams’ friendship with a radical preacher has drawn complaints from community groups and forced his sponsor to respond…

BMW is “re-looking” at its ambassador deal with Sonny Bill Williams after complaints about the rugby star’s association with controversial Muslim clerics.

…When contacted by Newsroom, Sherley said the company was “re-looking” at its agreement with Williams as a result of the complaints.

…”We take all of the complaints very seriously and if there is public opinion that suggests we need to re-look at, or how we are using someone, we will do it.”

Sherley said there had not been a change to the original agreement, and could not confirm when a decision on any changes would be made…


In a complete contradiction to the Stuff news article One News released an article claiming that Sonny Bill William’s contract is not under review.


Williams was appointed a BMW ambassador last year, but according to Newsroom, there were complaints from BMW customers, and the Jewish and LGBT communities regarding the 31-year-old’s association with controversial Muslim clerics.

Newsroom reported the luxury car brand started “re-looking” at its deal and that a decision would be made by the end of the month.
But Paul Sherley from BMW says the company is constantly reviewing ambassador arrangements and that its current arrangement with Williams still stands.

“We’ve had some customer comments and feedback and we take them seriously,” he told 1 NEWS.
But the company was not concerned about Williams’ Muslim links…

Mr Sherley denied there was any deadline to review the contract.
1 NEWS has been unable to reach Williams’ manager?Khoder Nasser…