If you have to explain it James, then you’ve failed already

James Shaw is wanting to tell us all something…that the Greens can be involved in stable government.

The Green Party won’t get always get its own way in Government and that’s okay, co-leader James Shaw has told a packed room of future candidates.

In a major speech to the party’s candidates’ conference, Shaw pointed to a campaign platform based on clean water and families, as well as ramping up the Greens’ ability to be in Government – something it has?never before done. ?

It was a not only direct pitch to voters who may not see the Greens as a stable option, but he was also outlining an expectation to the party’s activist sect – if the party was in Government, there would have to be compromise.

A Memorandum of Understanding signed with Labour to work together on the campaign was the “foundation stone on which we are building a solid, long-term, relationship with Labour”.

“We all know that Government involves compromise. It is, in fact, a defining feature of MMP.

“And if we are to govern responsibly and for more than one term, we’re going to have to work together with Labour,” he said.

“And we won’t always get our own way.”

The Greens have never been in government in all of the 27 years it has been in existence. Not even Helen Clark wanted them around the cabinet table.

Winston Peters loathes them and James Shaw is dreaming if he thinks that Labour won’t bend them over a political desk and dry root them in order to get Winston over the line. The problem is Labour?and the Greens together aren’t enough to govern. They are going to need Winston Peters and he won’t think for more than a nano-second about shanking them.

Bottom line is this: If James Shaw has to explain about being responsible, then he has already failed.


– Fairfax