…Violent protests erupted on Wednesday at the University of California at Berkeley over the scheduled appearance of a controversial editor of the conservative news website Breitbart.

Hundreds of students and other protesters chanting “shut him down” smashed windows at the campus, set wooden pallets on fire and threw fireworks and rocks as police in full riot gear responded with tear gas.

The university was placed on lockdown as the sold-out appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative firebrand, was canceled in early evening…
The British journalist is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump…has become one of the faces of America’s “alt-right” movement.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds, reporting from Los Angeles, said that it is an extreme push back by liberals in the US against right-wing figures.

I love how the media call Milo the figurehead of the alt-right even though he has repeatedly said he is not alt-right but they call alt-left violent activists ” extreme push back” Liberals. What are they pushing back against? Words they disagree with. How are they pushing back? With violence and threats and fascist like behaviour, stomping their virtue signalling jackboots all over the rights of other students to listen to what Milo has to say.

…Similar protests at the University of California at Davis last month also forced the cancellation of speeches by Yiannopoulos and former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli.

The events at Davis and Berkeley were organised by conservative student groups. A similar invitation to speak at UCLA was rescinded and Berkeley was to be the last stop of his tour.

Officials at the three University of California campuses stressed that they did not invite Yiannopoulos or endorse his ideas but were committed to free speech.

More than 100 UC Berkeley faculty members had signed two letters sent last month to the school’s chancellor, urging him to cancel the event.

“Although we object strenuously to Yiannopoulos’s views – he advocates white supremacy, transphobia and misogeny – it is rather his harmful conduct to which we call attention in asking for the cancellation of this event,” read one of the letters.

Those accusations are all lies and it sickens me that these people continue to get away with lying about Milo. I have listened to a dozen of his speeches and he is none of those things. What harmful conduct? The only people causing actual physical harm are the protestors.

They cited as one example an incident in December at the University of Milwaukee where Yiannopoulos – a gay crusader against “political correctness” – openly mocked a transgender student, displaying her name and photo on screen.


This is where the contrast becomes obvious. Milo criticises using facts and mocks using satirical and black humour. He harms no one and incites no violence but the alt-left who want to silence him are harming people and property because they think that violence is an appropriate response to words they don’t like.