Andrew Little’s pet Willie Jackson clears another hurdle

via NZN

Labour hopeful Willie Jackson has taken a step closer to being selected as a candidate after being granted a waiver under the party’s membership rules.

President Nigel Haworth on Saturday said the ruling council had met and granted an exemption from the requirement for a candidate to have been a party member for at least a year.

Jackson would now go into the moderating process with all the other candidates for list positions.

Jackson was not Labour. ?He’s not a woman. ?He’s not just not gay, he’s a bit icky about them. ?He’s a racist. ?A misogynist. ?And a rape apologist. ?

But all that doesn’t matter if you are Maori with a solid union background. ?Then, mountains can be moved.

The only problem remaining is that Willie will not be able to get a winnable list position unless more dirty deals are in the making. ?So far, commentators have said he doesn’t stand a snowflake’s chance in hell, but they are assuming the real dirty deal – putting Jackson high on the list – will not, can not, happen.

We all know how dense Little and Jackson are. ? But they would not be pushing ahead with this unless both of them had the confidence it was worth their time.


– Vernon Small, Stuff