Angry Andy’s 2017 strategy? More anger

It was as though the more he yelled, the more ferocious the gravel voice sounded and the more the arms were flayed around the more intimidated his prey would become and he’d finally use the word that his attacker so wanted him to whimper – crisis.

Angry Andrew Little and his band of weary warriors have clearly decided the new year would force the admission from the suits and garish colours flashing at them from the opposite side of the bear pit.

Crisis, it’s such an easy word to roll off the tongue, as Little has repeatedly shown us as he chucks it at the Government and becomes frustrated when they refuse to allow it to pass their lips.

We’re going to hear it much more this year as the Half Gallon, Quarter Acre, Pavlova paradise most of them grew up in turns into the land of milk and money.

Of course there’s a bloody housing crisis, but it’s not going to get any better by Bill English collapsing like a Pav taken out of the oven too early and going all gooey.

The more Labour yells the word, the less likely it’ll be acknowledged by the Cabinet collective.

Anger. ?Screaming. ?Thumping. ? A government in waiting.

But are the voters still listening?

Politicians are full or promise with the housing debate sounding like a rapid fire real estate auction, which party will build the most houses when the real question is, who will be able to afford them?

They can promise as many houses as they like, the reality is there’s only so much labour to do the job and not enough skilled journeymen to ensure the standard will keep the rain out.

The latest Salvation Army’s war cry is an indictment on where society is at the moment, entrenched child poverty, out of control homelessness and prisons bursting at the seams.

The Sallies say to all those seeking to govern and Kiwis in general to think deeply about the social progress they want to achieve for themselves and for their children.

In other words, realistic actions speak louder than words.

Bit hard for Labour to have realistic actions. ?All they can do is lob poop at the government and hope some of it sticks. ? There is no sign of voters listening any longer. ?It’s the same poverty, housing, asset sales, inequality merry go round.

Just with more anger.


– Barry Soper, NZ Herald