Another explanation why Trump hasn’t called…but he will…really…he will…soon…I promise

This is just getting embarrassing.

Prime Minister Bill English says he does not have first date nerves in advance of his own first phone call with US President Donald Trump, despite the bruising experience of Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull.

Speaking at Waitangi, English said he is looking forward to speaking to Trump despite Turnbull’s experience.

“Well, yes I am actually. We are yet to see just when that will happen but there is no reason to believe that won’t be a civil and maybe direct conversation,” English said.

Trump had reportedly ending his call with Turnbull early, described it as the “worst call” he had had and shouted about Turnbull’s insistence he abide by a US agreement to take refugees from Australia’s centres in Nauru and Manus Island.

English said he was not nervous about his own call.

Really? Then why are you talking about it then?

“We’d expect to maintain the very good relationship we have with the US.

Talking to the President has always been part of that.

There is a long history of differences of view between the US and New Zealand, going back to Vietnam so I don’t see why that should make much difference to the phone call.”

Bill? Seriously? You did know that we fought in Vietnam…with the US. Who is advising this fool?

He said he would raise concerns with Trump, including over “recent issues.”

That is likely to include the recent restrictions on travel to the US for citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries as well as the US withdrawal from the TPP.

Let’s see how you get on with that approach. Looks like his phone call will last barely longer than Len brown in the scratcher.

Good grief, it seems Wayne Eagleson must be on holiday, he is usually better at advising politicians that this. Perhaps it’s just that Bill English doesn’t listen.


– NZ Herald