Another fake Muslim outrage story pimped by media

Truth Revolt reports:

So, it happened again. And this time, it wasn?t a conservative outlet peddling the ?fake news.? Shocking! Yeah, yeah,?we know. No, this time it was the honest-to-goodness mainstream media which published an unverified hit against President Trump. Not shocked, (seriously)?we know. And it was all wrapped up in yet another Muslim hoax.

A Fox News affiliate in Detroit, BuzzFeed, ThinkProgress, Ron Fournier, New York Daily News?and a host of other outlets, talking heads, and celebrities all fell for a veteran?s story about his mother dying because of Trump?s ?Muslim ban.? It was too dramatic a story not to distribute widely, so, who CARES if it was true or not. The ?journalists? certainly didn?t.

It went like this: Mike Hager, an Iraq war vet, flew to Iraq to bring his mother back to the States so she could get proper medical care but couldn?t because of the Trump order temporarily suspending immigration and refugees from seven Middle Eastern states to America. While she waited for approval for her travel, she died. Hager was quoted as blaming Trump for her death: ?She?s gone because of him.?

How awful. That Trump is just so heartless. He’s actually killed a Muslim woman now.

That?s all the mainstream media needed to hear. No need to fact-check this. It?s gold;?run with it. And they did? until they had to retract it because it was a lie.

And who was the person responsible for uncovering the fib? The family?s Imam at their local Michigan mosque. Husham Al-Husainy from the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center in Dearborn cleared it all up when he said the mother died five days before Trump signed the executive order.

Well, that?s inconvenient.?Sometimes facts are like that?if the media elite would even bother checking it out.

Stephen Miller collected some of the best responses across Twitter and posted it to his feed, giving them a round of applause for all of this political theater:

Trust the mainstream media? Not bloody likely.

Can’t wait for the NZ Herald to fall for this…it’s only a matter of time before they do.

Every time one of these fake outrage stories runs the influence of the MSM wanes even further. And they wonder why they are losing subscribers?

As for Mike Hager, obviously, he missed the integrity and honour classes at his military training.


– TruthRevolt