This appears to be the true cost of having every burglary attended

NZ Police, via Stuff

Meth is closing in on alcohol as the nation’s most addictive substance.

Everyone from teenagers to 60-year-old middle-class white men are using it, Hamilton Alcohol and Drug Community Support Trust director Stephen King said.

“The biggest group we are seeing is children of financially successful families.”

And the need then drives more crime. ?Resulting in more property theft. ??

“There is a rise and it’s right across the board. There are 700,000 people in New Zealand with addiction-related problems.

“The meth dealer is targeting families with money in Hamilton and that’s no different to anywhere else, ranging in age from 19 to 42.”

And usage is so rampant that Waikato District Health Board workers say it has endangered the region’s methadone programme and pushed rehab facilities to maximum capacity.

Information from police shows that people calling the Alcohol Drug Helpline for help for meth problems are now second only to those seeking help for alcohol addiction.

“It’s everywhere,” King said. “You can have a meth habit on $200 a week or on $2000 a day and more – it’s tailored to the amount of money you have.”

King, who runs a DHB-funded live-in support house for addicts in Hamilton, said methamphetamine has flooded the New Zealand market in the past two years. He believes it is being imported ready to use from China.

National Clan (short for clandestine) Lab boss Senior Sergeant John Brunton recently told the Police News that meth use is escalating.

Data collected from communities shows fewer people are using cannabis and alcohol and more are using meth.

We need more police. ?About 1,500 or so. ?Fewer than that and we simply can not address all the major crime areas. ?1500 was about the number that Key was pushing for, but Bill English has cut that down.

Hard to deal to gangs, meth, all burglaries and rising domestic violence without the men and women to do the job.

If National do get a fourth term, this boil will need lancing during the next three years. ?Or perhaps they’ll leave it for the next government to inherit.

One thing’s for sure, 10,000 prison inmates may be a new record, but we’re going to need to set a few new ones soon.


– Stuff