Appease one “it” and next you diminish a “she”

As a society, we really have to think through the true cost of appeasing the most exotic of human needs at the inconvenience of others.

When did the rights of an “it” outweigh the rights of a “she”? ? Because that’s what this world is coming to.

A Kiwi teenager has spoken out about her school’s decision to allow a transgender student to use the girls’ bathrooms, saying it was made without consultation and her rights were overlooked.

In a video titled Ask Me First About School Toilet Privacy: Laura the girl, known only as Laura, says the management’s decision to allow a transgender teenager, who was born male but identifies as female, to attend the all-girls’ school last year shocked her.

School leadership initially told the transgender student she could use the gender-neutral toilets, but she successfully campaigned to access the girls’ halfway through the school year.

Laura said it was then that she spoke up to the school’s management, voicing her concerns for her and other students’ safety.

“And at that point I was like ‘No this isn’t right’,” she says in the video.

“As a girl I feel uncomfortable with a guy being in the same toilets [as me]. There are already gender-neutral toilets in the school.

And that’s a good point. ?By pandering to one individual that has boy parts but deeply believes in his/her heart that she’s a girl, it interfered with the natural rights of all natural born girls. ?In short, it makes no bloody sense! ?

The school’s decision also put sexual abuse survivors at risk, Laura says. Seeing someone who was biologically male in the same toilet as them could also trigger trauma memories.

However, Laura says her concerns fell on deaf ears, with the principal telling her if she had a problem with being in the same toilet block as the other student Laura could use the unisex toilets herself.

“And that’s when I thought ‘hold on a minute. I’m at an all-girls’ school with these girls’ bathrooms and you’re telling me if I don’t want to use them I can go to a unisex toilet?’ It doesn’t make sense. It really doesn’t.”


And shame on the school for being bullied into it by liberal social justice bullies.

How did we ever get to the point where people have accepted that being normal (ie: part of the majority of something), is a source of guilt?

The problem is that our education system and a fair part of our media and political systems have bought into this.

And to even speak up against this constant reclassification of the human condition as self defeating and insane is to invite labels like far-right, racist, Nazi, mysogynist, sexist and many other -ists.

We need to go back to raising generations of people that don’t care what other think of them. ?Think I’m weird? ?Fill yer boots. ?So what? ? We can still have a beer, or argue about cricket, or even use?the same toilet.

Society has always been good at enveloping those around us that were just a little bit strange without having to given them a category of their own, and now, toilets of their own. ? We have accepted people that are gay, have Downs, dress flamboyantly, wear make-up, or whatever. ?We managed up to a decade ago. ? Honestly, if Bruce wants to wear lacy undies, none of my business.

What we certainly don’t want to do is create a situation where schools have to consider applications and then provide changing rooms and toilets for people that are born male, feel female but identify as lesbian.

But most important of all: ?when 1000 women are born women and identify as women, and then one person born a biological man who feels like a woman comes in and want the rules changed, that can?only happen if this can be accommodated without infringing the rights of anyone else.

Laura adds that while she has nothing against the transgender student involved in the stoush, she takes issue with the school’s lack of consideration of her views.

“I understand the guy’s got to go to the toilet. But I still want my rights and my privacy,” she says.

“[The school] never asked me my opinion. They never respected my rights. Nobody asked me first.”

Laura for president.

To draw an absurd parallel, someone might feel that they are really a bird. ?That doesn’t mean that they can crap on your car.


– NZ Herald