Aussies take cat killing seriously

While Gareth Morgan is a grandstanding bullshit artist, the Aussies are acting against feral cats, pledging to exterminate more than 2 million of the critters.

The federal government will unleash every weapon in its arsenal to wipe out 2 million feral cats ??about a third of the?population ?? and will provide $5 million to community groups to serve as foot soldiers in the battle.

It’s a race to save about 124 species of native wildlife at risk of extinction from feral cats, which are notoriously hard to kill.

Threatened?Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews said?the cull, which goes until 2020, did not target domestic cats, nor?was driven by bloodlust. ?

“They are the single biggest threat to our native animals, and have already directly driven out of extinction 20 out of 30 mammals lost,” he said.

“We are not culling cats for the sake of it, we are not doing so because we hate cats.

“We have got to make choices to save animals that we love, and who define us as a nation like the bilby, the warru (Black-footed?rock-wallaby)?and the night parrot.”

The Minister for the Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg?is expected to announce in March?the first round of grants to encourage communities to trap and humanely euthanise feral cats.?Mr Andrews has called on every mayor around Australia to provide free euthanasia of trapped feral cats.

Each feral cat kills up to?1000 native animals a year, ranging from crickets to lizards and small mammals. Some feral “catastrophic” cats will develop a taste and skill for hunting larger prey:?Indigenous rangers in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yangkuntjatjara lands caught a 6.8-kilogram cat with a 5 kilogram rock-wallaby (warru) in its gut.

Trap and humanely euthanise? They are feral cats.

A .22-250 40gr Hornady ballistic tip euthanises cats pretty quickly…at 4100fps.

This is one I shot last year…took its head right off.