We have to ban all face masks asap

When watching the ironically?named anti-fascist group Antifa violently attack people with pepper spray and wooden flag poles it hit me like a ton of bricks. Every protest where there is violence there are face masks.

People have the right to freedom of speech and the right to protest but they should not have the right to hide their identity while protesting. There is no good reason for hiding your identity, there are only bad reasons. Hiding your identity is a neon sign warning that you intend to do something illegal.

Let us compare Milo who has been targeted by the anti-fascists and who has been called a fascist and a member of the Alt-right with the anti-fascists themselves. Look at the photo. He is dressed in white, he has not hidden his identity, he is not violent and he uses words to promote his ideas. His poster mocks Antifa calling them Gay retards.

The anti-fascist group called Antifa, on the other hand, hide their identities with face masks, are violent and are dressed all in black. Their poster promotes violence against those who they slander with gay abandon (snort) as Fascists.

They really need better image consultants. In movies and elsewhere in popular fiction it is always the good guys that wear white and the bad guys that wear black.