Bill doesn’t know what is going on and Murray isn’t telling the truth

NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully

The other day Bill English said he was waiting to communicate with Israel over the diplomatic impasse but the Jerusalem Post reports another story:

Israel is waiting for an explanation from New Zealand regarding why it surprised Jerusalem and sponsored UN Security Council Resolution 2334 before there can be any talk of repairing the damaged ties between the two countries, a senior diplomatic official accompanying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told The Jerusalem Post.

That is quite different from what Bill English has said:

“New Zealand was involved with sponsoring the resolution. I think the Australian Government probably disagrees with that? we want a constructive relationship with Israel and we intend to work on that relationship.?


“We understand the extent to which the resolution upset Israel, it had quite strong views about it, and we?ll be communicating with them about our focus on a positive relationship.?

Pick up the phone Bill and say you are sorry. Blame it on McCully and Obama and Kerry.

He can easily blame it on Murray McCully because that weasel hasn’t been telling the truth. The Jerusalem Post further reveals the mendacity of him:

The official said Israel was stunned by New Zealand?s sponsorship of December?s anti-settlement resolution, especially because New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully was in Israel just weeks before and did not mention the likelihood of such an initiative.

?The foreign minister met for 90 minutes with the prime minister [Netanyahu] and didn?t say a word. Is this how friends act?? the official said.

No, it is not how friends act. Murray McCully lied to Israel by omission and then set about stabbing them in the back.

Fourteen of the 15 countries on the Security Council supported the resolution ? only the US abstained, though it allowed it to pass by not casting its veto ? but the official explained Israel?s particular anger at New Zealand and Senegal by saying there was a substantive difference between sponsoring a resolution and voting for it.

Jerusalem believes McCully was the driving force behind the move, and that relations with Wellington will likely improve when he leaves office. New Zealand is scheduled to go to elections in September, and McCully has stated that he will be leaving politics.

And good riddance to him. He has done more damage to the Middle East peace process than anyone else. His mendacity and sneakiness has marked him for what I have always known him to be, a sneaky weasel.

?We understand the extent to which the resolution upset Israel ? they had quite strong views about it ? and we?ll be communicating with them about our focus on a positive relationship.?

According to the web site, English said there was ?no indication? ambassadorial links would be reinstated in the near future, but he did not expect any further diplomatic fallout.

Oh really? He doesn’t see a problem that there will be no ambassadorial links and doesn’t think that is further fallout? That is probably because Bill English was likely advised by Wane Eagleson not to worry about the issue over the summer holidays, that it was only being pushed by on ineffective blogger and wouldn’t last long in the news cycle.

But, here it is in the?dying days of February still being talked about 60 days after Murray McCully sided New Zealand with despots, dictators and terrorists. The truly sad thing is that it looks like McCully went rogue, never sought cabinet approval and bypassed the External Relations and Defence committee and the Cabinet Office in contravention of Cabinet Office rules…and without the approval of Bill English.

We know McCully is a sneaky weasel, but it looks like Bill English is a spineless jellyfish when it comes to dealing with Murray McCully. Other ministers have been stood down for less.


-Jerusalem Post