Bill English announces Nationals further march to the left

The government will introduce pay equity legislation this year, Prime Minister Bill English has told parliament.

It last year accepted recommendations from a joint working group which set out principles for raising and resolving pay equity claims through bargaining.

The Council of Trade Unions said it was “a huge win for working women” and praised the government for accepting the recommendations.

By the time you have the unions praising a National prime minister, you just know things have gone awry.

In his statement on Tuesday Mr English gave details of the government’s agenda, which he said would include:
– stronger tax rules to clamp down on multi-nationals

– simplification of border clearance

– improving the quality of rivers and lakes

– more money for infrastructure

– progressing legislation to reform the Resource Management Act

– paying for more social and emergency housing

– continuing to settle Treaty claims.

So hunting down evil corporations for Google tax, water quality improvements, social housing and treaty claims. ? If you asked someone who just came here from overseas, they’d tell you that a Labour/Green government is clearly in power.


– NZN via Yahoo! News