Breitbart has a lesson to learn from Whaleoil

We have made no secret at Whaleoil of our desire to become New Zealand’s version of Breitbart or perhaps a cross between them and Canada’s Rebel Media who are equally fearless at taking on the MSM. Breitbart though could take a leaf out of Whaleoil’s book to avoid becoming financially?vulnerable. After reading an article about the 100 advertisers who have boycotted them I now understand one reason why they may have decided to let Milo Yiannopoulos, their number one star and draw card fall on his sword. You cannot stand up to criticism and stay true to your beliefs if you are 100% reliant on income from those who disagree with you. You need most of your income to come from your supporters, not your detractors.

Breitbart needs to switch over to a subscription model and fast. Trying to become a toned down version of what they are to try to appease the Social Justice Bullies will never work. Trying to become more professional is not a bad thing but it will not prevent boycotts. Whaleoil became more professional years ago when we cleaned up our comment section but while it made us even more popular with readers it did nothing to appease those who want us shut down.

The SJB’s smell blood in the water and now that they have successfully taken out Milo they will not stop. Breitbart needs to double down, not double back. They need to get most of their revenue from those who love what they do not those who oppose it.

When a big company politicised their withdrawal of advertising from Breitbart the first time Breitbart doubled down much to the delight of their followers and the push back from Breitbart followers against the company was epic and the boycotters became the boycotted. It was a strong message from Breitbart to advertisers not to publically attack and virtue signal. That tactic though can only go so far. Even if you can stop advertisers from bad mouthing your company it is still may hurt you financially if they withdraw their advertising. I say “may hurt” because a company telling google not to serve their ads to a site does not necessarily have a financial impact on that site as the slot will automatically be filled by google with another advertiser instead.

Another 100 companies have reportedly pulled their advertising from… news site Breitbart, as the momentum builds behind a grassroots campaign calling on advertisers to boycott the site.

Audi,?Visa, T Mobile and Lufthansa have joined the growing list of companies to withdraw, according to?Sleeping Giants, the group behind the campaign, which claims that?at least 1,250 advertisers no longer wish to be associated with it.

Campaigners have successfully encouraged Twitter users to name and shame companies who advertise on the site by posting screenshots of Breitbart ads.
As advertising is often purchased through third-party agencies, companies may be completely unaware that their ads will end up on the Breitbart site.

Breitbart ?declared war? on Kellogg?s last year, after the cereal company announced that it would be blacklisting sites that ?aren?t aligned with our values?.

Responding to the statement, editors urged Breitbart readers to boycott all Kellogg?s products.

…On Tuesday, Milo Yiannopoulos, a senior editor and well known figurehead for the site, was forced to resign his position…
A source told Fox Business of their concern that the public campaign and the Milo scandal would have a tangible impact on the site?s revenue.

Breitbart “was already in trouble with advertisers”?a source?close to the company, told the broadcaster, adding that “Milo made the battle much more difficult.?

They added that the association with Mr Trump’s senior adviser Steve Bannon, its former executive chair, was also hurting the company…

In an effort to combat dwindling ad revenue, Breitbart appears to be attempting to re-brand as a more moderate platform.

Recent hires from mainstream publications like The Wall Street Journal and The Hill website, indicate editors will increasingly be focusing on straight news reporting and moving away from its notoriously fiery comment pieces.

…Emma Pullman, lead strategist campaign group SumOfUs, who are also putting pressure on advertisers to boycott Breitbart, told The Independent that the campaign was ?reaching fever pitch?…

Whaleoil’s subscription model means that we can double down when Social Justice Bullies and other political activists attack us. If they can’t threaten our main source of revenue what power do they have? If Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics II book is released between now and the election the MSM will go into a feeding frenzy but the Streisand effect will ensure that they send more traffic to our site which will gain us, more readers and subscriptions. Many of our current readers have told us that they discovered Whaleoil for the first time when Dirty Politics was in the news. They were curious, came to take a look and become hooked.

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