…or, we can just legalise pot for personal use

Marijuana plants grow under artificial sunlight in one of the many climate-controlled rooms at Tweed Marijuana in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Tweed is one of about 20 companies that are licensed to grow medical marijuana in Canada. Credit Dave Chan for The New York Times


A Canadian company will begin exporting medicinal cannabis to Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital from later this month.

Tilray has been granted approvals to export oils containing THC and cannabidoil to New Zealand.

It comes days after Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne, who had been responsible for approving almost all medicinal cannabis prescriptions, downgraded requirements.

Patients now only need authorisation from the Ministry of Health for prescriptions for medicinal cannabis products.

This is a sensible move in the right direction. ?I don’t believe in coincidences, and it appears to me Peter Dunne is trying to reverse some of the damage he’s been doing as he faces a very tough race to hold on to his job.

However, the cost of medical marijuana is still prohibitive.

Tilray is expected to be an alternative to Sativex, a cannabis-based mouth spray used to help multiple sclerosis patients with pain, which costs $1200 a month.

“We are proud to be able to offer patients in need access to high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products,” Tilray president Brendan Kennedy said in the company announcement on Wednesday.

The really simple answer is for people to grow their own and use it and not face any criminal charges. ? It is mainly used for pain and symptom management, not as a cure. ?So someone smoking or vaping some at 5% of the cost makes a lot of sense.