How can an MP that hires a PR company to undermine her party leader not be punished?

David Peter Farrar at Kiwiblog writes

I?ve been involved in politics for around 30 years and I can?t recall ever before an MP hiring a public relations firm to help them promote a statement attacking a decision personally made by their party leader.

If Little lets this pass without sanction, then his leadership is even weaker than we thought. Any other leader in any other party would sack or suspend an MP who hired a PR firm to attack the party leader.

I mean think about that. An MP hired a PR firm to put out a press release attacking a star candidate hand picked by their own leader. And they think they can run the country.

The trouble is Little does not have the support of his caucus. He got monstered in the caucus room on Tuesday and has had to back away from the promised high list place for Willie Jackson. He has managed to alienate the Maori wing, the youth wing, the Rainbow wing, the parliamentary wing and the women?s wing of Labour in one go. And you know what, there isn?t much of Labour not in one of those wings.

Incompetence knows no bounds.

But then Little was never placed there for his skills. ?He’s simply the public face of the union movement slowly gutting the old Labour party to take full and final control.

They’re not that far off that goal either, with all the recent new Labour candidates coming from a union background.


– Kiwiblog