“Clock boy” just got spanked in court by Ben Shapiro


In New Zealand, we know all about bullies with money who use the court system to try to silence others. “Clock boy” like almost every other Muslim activist was bankrolled by the terrorist aligned organisation CAIR that has plenty of cash to spend on vexatious lawsuits thanks to funding from Saudi Arabia. His family assisted by CAIR were able to attack Ben Shapiro for his opinion?about what Clock boy and his family did, claiming that he defamed them. Thankfully having the deepest pockets does not always guarantee a win in court.

…Remember ?Clock Boy,? that kid who parlayed a class project ?clock? that was mistaken for a bomb into a White House visit and about 15 minutes more fame than the incident should have warranted? Turns out, Ahmed Mohammed is in the news again, except this time it?s for a hefty court-whipping at the hands of none other than conservative Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief?Ben Shapiro.

After Shapiro appeared on The Kelly File in 2015 to question Ahmed?s story and the motives around the oddly bomb-like clock he brought to school that day, ?Clock Boy?s? father, Mohammed Mohammed, filed suit for defamation in October 2015. When Ahmed was detained by police and suspended for bringing the ?clock? to school, his parents, who have ties to terrorist-sponsoring foreign regimes, promptly accused the school of racial profiling and Islamophobia.

In a major victory for free speech, on Thursday afternoon the lawsuit against the Daily Wife Editor-in-Chief was dismissed by a Texas judge…

?Ben Shapiro has always been a steadfast advocate of the First Amendment and there was never any doubt he was going to stand up for his right to speak freely. I?m very grateful that the state of Texas takes the First Amendment seriously, I only wish my own state of California would do the same, especially after the fiasco at Berkeley yesterday.?

Oh, but there?s more! Shapiro will be entitled to court costs, attorneys fees, and other expenses from Mohammed, all of which must be paid within 14 days.

-BizPac Review.