The Clown party makes amateur mistake

False advertising? Gareth Morgan isn’t even standing in Mt Albert

Gareth Morgan is a bigger political retard than another wealthy man who has poured millions into losing.

His latest escapade is eye-rolling stupidity, not even Michelle Boag could screw it up this large.

Gareth Morgan’s Opportunities Party (TOP) is offering free shuttle bus rides to Mt Albert voters, but Newshub can reveal it’s landed them with an official complaint.

Geoff Simmons is standing for TOP in the upcoming Mt Albert by-election, and ACT leader David Seymour says the shuttle service is a blatant attempt to win votes. ?

“The most pernicious part of it is you have to prove you’re a Mt Albert voter before he can offer it to you,” Mr Seymour told Newshub.

A photo on The Opportunities Party’s official Facebook page promotes the service for a lift to the cricket this Friday, along with a registration link.

Small print in the registration form reveals “we can only pick up those within the Mt Albert electorate”.

Mr Seymour believes it’s a breach of the Electoral Act and has lodged an official complaint with the Electoral Commission.

“If he was doing it for everybody you might say ‘he’s being generous, good on him,’ but the fact it’s only for voters in the by-election where he’s running a candidate shows it’s a blatant breach of the law.”

Mr Seymour says the shuttle rides are enough to be considered treating, a practice that breaches the Electoral Act of 1993.

“I’ve seen people break the electoral law accidentally but this is so blatant I think it should be referred to the police.”

It won’t be enough to stand Mr Simmons down as a candidate, but if the Electoral Commission refers the matter to police then charges could be laid.

Mr Simmons says all the fuss shows his opponents are scared.

No Mr Clown Shirt, they aren’t?scared, they want politicians to respect the law.

A party with a paid experienced campaign professional would not have made this amateur mistake.

Gareth Morgan needs to recruit a campaign professional with a track record of winning to ensure he doesn’t keep making these mistakes. I’m not sure any of those professionals would want the taint of being associated with a megalomaniac mouthpiece such as Gareth Morgan.

Unfortunately, the Electoral Commission will likely refer this to the Police and that will be the last we hear of it because we have electoral laws that are never enforced. That renders them meaningless, so another rich political wannabe will escape any censure. Woe betide you though if you go more than 4km/h over the speed limit.


– Newshub