Comment of the Day

In yesterday’s General Debate idbkiwi?made this comment:

Universally derided, it seems, for his comments about Sweden’s alleged problems with mass immigration, Trump’s detractors (especially those from Sweden) had a field day besmirching him. Fair enough, I suppose, nobody likes their own country to be seen in a poor light; except New Zealand lefties, who revel in disparaging God’s own country.

But, after the sound of mutually-congratulatory backslaps for the wittiest put-downs of Trump died down there are two worthwhile questions to ask; How do the Swede’s feel about their personal security and crime?, and: Are any negative feelings (if any) justified or borne out in statistics? The answer is yes, to both questions, based on the latest available information. ?

From Sweden’s National Crime Survey (NTU) 2016. Respondents were questioned about feelings of ‘anxiety and insecurity’ if going out late at night, alone, in their own residential area: “19 per cent say they feel insecurity in such situations. This is an increase compared to the most recent measurements, where the proportion of insecurity fluctuated between 15 and 16 percent during 2009-2015″. Of that increase in fear: “There are significant differences in feelings of safety between women and men…31 percent of women say they feel insecure“. Over all respondents; “More than seven in ten (72%) believe that crime in Sweden has increased over the past three years”.

Those figures could be misleading, they were asked their ‘feelings’ about fear of crime. Let’s look at actual statistics for 2016 and, specifically; if women’s ‘anxiety’ (more than triple the level of their male counterparts) has any basis in reality:

“In 2016, more than 275,000 reported crimes against the person were recorded (Chapter 3-7. Penal Code), which is 17,500 (+7 percent) more crimes than 2015, assault offences increased by 4 per cent to 88,000 crimes. Assault against man over 18 years rose 1 percent, and abuse against children 0-17 years increased by 14 percent. The number of reported assaults against women over 18 years were basically unchanged from the previous year. Reported offences of gross violations of women increased by 2 percent to 1,870 crimes reported in 2016, and gross violation of integrity increased by 11 percent to 1,680 reported crimes.”

“The number of reported rapes increased by 13 percent to 6,560 crimes, while the reported crimes of sexual coercion and exploitation decreased 1 percent to 1,240. The number of reported crimes of sexual assault increased by 20 per cent to 10,500 crimes. Notified assault increased by 5 per cent to 54,200 crimes, while notified molestation fell 2 percent to 55,400 crimes.”

Against all the background laughter of those still guffawing over Trump’s ‘blunder’, the concerns of Swedish women, in particular, are very real, and distinctly un-funny.

Donald Trump never mentioned terror attacks, he was talking about immigration of peoples who follow an ideology that is incompatible with Western liberal democracies.

He was right, and two nights ago Sweden became headlines again…for all the wrong reasons. The left-wing and the media should now apologise to Donald Trump and to the public for their wilful ignorance.