“This Country is Lost” A German writer’s last words

Susanne Kablitz was a well known German libertarian writer and the owner of the Jeweler publishing house as well as editor-in-chief of the Jewel magazine. She was the author of the book “To the last breath” and co-author of “The freedom committed”. She was also a politician and head of the “Party der Vernunft” (PDV.) If rumours are true, the 47-year-old committed suicide and the last article she wrote shortly before her death ?had the headline ” This Country is Lost.”

On Saturday, February 11th, she took her life with only 47 years. The voluntary death of a human being also leaves behind a sense of hopelessness. Susanne Kablitz was a fighter, but sometimes fighters lose their strength.


Her words in the article reveal a woman who felt that no matter what she did it was all in vain; that no matter what she said nothing would change. They are the words of a woman at the end of her rope mentally and emotionally, trying to fight a battle that she has only now realised is unwinnable. In some ways, it is as much Germany’s suicide note as it is hers.

Translated from German by Google Translate:

This Country is lost

…In the meantime, I feel so much the same – no matter what you try to do, most people around the world…believe firmly in authority, in the deity of the state, in the guilt, self-denial and Are deeply rooted in their hatred of themselves.

No matter how much you point out that most people are on the way to hell, nothing changes. On the contrary. One even gets insulted, smiled and denied.

A few weeks ago, the national socialist Bernd H?cke, at an event in Dresden, told me about the culprit of the Germans. He said, among other things, “We Germans, our people, are the only people in the world who have planted a monument of disgrace in the heart of their capital” and “the Merkel government has mutated into a regime


…I’m not really a fan of Bernd H?cke. Like all national socialists, he too wants only the overriding, all-embracing state…nothing would change for the good. Because he too wants total power.

…But this is not the issue here. What is much more impressive is the fact that the “bourgeois”, and even the liberals, who are supposed to recognize a “Nazi” who, in one way or another, have the inexcusable audacity, are in the debt To distribute the criminals of all the regimes a little more evenly, and to repay the eternal reprobate against the thousand-year Nazi guilt under Hitler… “Never, never, never” should we forget…

…Of course, what happened in Germany seven decades ago should not be relativized – just as little as in all other dictatorships, regimes and governments. Just as the bombardment of Dresden by the British (when there was not the slightest occasion for it), and an estimated quarter of a million, mainly defenseless, unarmed people were massacred if no historical fate was carried out) or the “Killing Fields” Cambodia or the killing of the people in the former GDR or the mass killings in the Soviet Union or China, or the dropping of atomic bombs by the Americans or, or, or.

But! Do you ever experience in the approach such a subjugation of the people living today among the acts of madmen in any other country? Neither in Russia nor in China, nor in Cambodia, not in the former GDR and certainly not in England or even in America.

What is particularly astonishing is that it is also often the case that those who are most concerned about the “Nazis” who advocate the mass influx of people of Muslim faith in all respects are the most striking. So precisely the people who have massive “problems” with the Jewish faith.

…Let’s get to the bottom of things. What did Mr. H?cke really say?

Well, in the first part of his first statement, he points out (according to his own statements) that the guilt of the Germans has assumed hysterical features. He says: “We Germans, our people, are the only people in the world who have planted a monument of shame in the heart of their capital.”

Where is this sentence wrong? Where is it interpretable when one is clear?

When he says that Germany has erected a monument of disgrace, it is a completely different proposition than when it says that it is a shame that this monument was erected here. This will not be obvious to many, however, because they lack linguistic clarity and differentiation.

He leaves no doubt that he calls the monument a monument to the shame. He does not deny the Holocaust, and certainly does not relativize it. He would never do that anyway…

…He wants again a “proud, German people”.

Well, I do not want a “German people” again, but I would be very well disposed to proud people.

…Guilt is personal. They recognize an individual decision, an individual confession.Something that every INDIVIDUAL must live with when he acknowledges it and also when he does not acknowledge it. Guilt is not something that may be compulsorily imposed on others who do not have it. If they can not recognize this guilt as bad people. People should voluntarily remember something and act on it; When they are forced, this is dishonest, has nothing to do with an honest feeling, but only with political correctness and the hunchback before the culprit.

And what does he say in the second part of his statement? Well, he says that a “crimes of opinion” is worse than an actual infringement. Both statements are correct. But they can not be said. Not at all from a Bernd H?cke. And this is not because he is a socialist, but because he is “national”.

National Socialists are out. International socialists are en vogue. This can be seen in excommunicated President Barack Obama. International socialists are allowed to kill people, they can wage war, they can break right. National not.

This double mourning is disgusting.

Adolf Hitler was a national socialist, so we are gladly told. This is not true at all – in two respects. On the one hand, Adolf Hitler wanted a united Europe in the medium to long term. Under his supervision. Thus a construct from which people who do not share the ruler’s mental attitude have hardly a chance to break out. Those who have no refuge, no alternative. They must remain – and follow.

National Socialists do not want that. They want a “fatherland”. This is also silly and childish, but still offers the chance to seek happiness somewhere else, if one does not want to follow this madness.

And the only thing that seemed to be “right” to Adolf Hitler was his ardent anti-Semitism with a manish anti-Americanism. It was his hatred of capitalism, “Jewish” speculators, “rich Jews,” the “financial judaism” as a whole. It was precisely that which connects him with almost all socialists, ie, leftists. Everything he lived, said or done was left. Each pore of him was “left”. How I can be persuaded as thinking people that Hitler was “right” will never open up to me and can only be explained with total brainwashing.
How did Roland Baader once said in this context?

Socialism is a contagious mental illness. A person who is affected is recognized by the fact that they want to establish a system of compulsion, which equates with justice in themselves, and from then on aggressively, to anyone who does not submit to the red orchestra. ”
Let us return to Hauck’s third statement. That is, that Mrs. Merkel is strongly oriented in her behavior to her spiritual father Erich Honecker. Again, deafening shouting.

But why? It is exactly like that. It is even worse.

Packed in an alleged democracy, the freedoms of the people are dispossessed every day more. Ms Merkel and her entourage are massively right, call for denunciation, set up taxpayers’ state control committees in which even ex-Stasi employees take leadership roles, forces most of the people to live a life that makes them poorer and more dependent They now account for up to 70% of the monthly income.

…And no, there is not a great mind hidden in the people who roar to multiculti and slay all others verbally who disagree. A great spirit would have shown itself if these people had brought the machinations of Obama, Clinton and Co. from the sinking. THEN a character would have shown. So they are only poor, pitiful creatures that do not even have moral principles.

Take a closer look at this gentleman here: Michael M?ller, Mayor of the Pleite-City of Berlin.

An absolute full-blown disaster, who has never been worth a day’s worth in his entire life, and can only ruin Germany’s plethora of muddle loops after a coalition with green-fascists and bricklayers. This “fine gentleman” is not able to distinguish between a wall with which his own countrymen are imprisoned, and a wall which is supposed to protect them from severe criminality…

And what else is there?

Well, bank and euro rescue, bureaucracy, exploding crime, warfare, state television, record tax rates, incandescent light bulbs, energy supplies, monitoring state, terror, harassment of smokers, car drivers, self-employed and entrepreneurs, gender delusion – no day goes by when we are not with the complete The failure of governments. And in the process, the cancer of the disease, the state, is spreading.

And why does it happen?

…Lethargic, guilty, humble, oppressed. The perfect people of the rulers. One might think that this part of the population deserves what one does to him. Because it does not want to see the parallels that point to the past.

For a long time I have resisted that these people deserve their misfortune. But I do not. It is really their own fault.

And so it will be again. In September the majority will again be one of the “big” parties…

…Hardly anyone is listening to the call for the “Energiewende”, the “Euro-Rescue” and the “refugee crisis” to look more closely. It is even possible to publish books that are absolutely certain and factual enough that every single problem is already sufficient to completely destroy Germany.

But what is usually the echo?

Disbelief, the ridicule, and the label of the conspirator and conspiracy theorist. Hardly anyone wants to get out of his belief in the omnipotence of state propaganda…

…The auxiliary and asylum industry has now become the largest sector in Germany, by far the largest DAX company. With so many profiteers, it is by no means surprising that the state robber always succeeds in recruiting from the ranks of the Abzocker a few demonstrators for the alleged “fight against the right”. And since the Germans are so brainwashed, with these demos are probably still a few people who do not benefit at all. They are the useful idiots of the Asylum and the politicians who take part in the election campaign with the unanswered “Social Justice”. For these two “professional groups” are by far the most money-loving, hypocritical and unscrupulous exploiters who exist.

And so it is truly incredible!

We live again in a fascist dictatorship after pattern 1933, the today’s Nazis are refugee-disposed good men and asocial “antifascists”. Whoever speaks the truth is persecuted. So it is only a matter of time, when there are dead on both sides. The SPD has already openly called for violence…It is truly a panoptic of wretchedness.

Unfortunately, one can not help but notice that this highly inscrutable country deserves its inevitable next fall more than just. Germany is lost. Definitely. This would be reversible – perhaps – only with very drastic measures. But the party does not trust itself. Because they all just stare at the majority. On the feeding troughs. Because they are well looked after. And because they have no backbone, even to endure a temporary outrage and to stick to their own convictions…And just at the moment they are all sold with skin and hair to the devil. And not even at a good price.

It’s just disgusting. May he come soon and be final, for anyone who has learned nothing from the last doom has not deserved a third chance…