Crime hasn’t gone up at all. It’s only reported crime

Recorded crime rose last year, with a burglary now being reported on average every seven minutes.

The real crime rate was higher, but it’s a matter of contention whether Kiwis have become more or less likely to report offences lately.

The new data emerged as the Government announced plans to hire more than 1000 extra police staff members over the next four years.

Police Minister Paula Bennett said she was concerned to see crime rising again, after a 22 per cent drop between 2009 and 2014.

And she isn’t alone. ?The question is: ?why, when everything else is going so well, is the crime rate going up? ?The only true answer is that there has been some top of the cliff stuff that’s not being done that is now coming home to roost.

Police Association president Chris Cahill said the latest crime figures reinforced much of what officers were telling him, and that last week’s announcement of more staff was better than nothing.

“Ideally, we could’ve had [additional police] sooner.”

Burglaries jumped 16 per cent last year nationwide to 74,182.

It’s absurd. ?Get these idiots off our streets.

And stop wavering over implementing a Three Strikes law across the board for anything that has a maximum sentence of 2 years or more.


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