The dam might burst so we need to fill the sand bags

I have previously used the analogy of a bullet proof?vest to explain why we are so determined to move from an advertising revenue model to a subscription revenue model. If we are no longer reliant on advertising to pay the bills we cannot be hurt by boycotts or malicious complaints to Google.

Today my analogy is one of filling the sand bags for a flood that may or may not happen. I am referring to Hager’s new book of which the rumours are currently flying. If it is a second hit against us by Hager and Rawshark, (Dirty Politics II) the fallout is going to be like being hit by flood waters as the Media once again jump boots and all into stolen?information and once again try to silence New Zealand’s largest and most popular New Media site.

When that happens all eyes are going to be on Whaleoil and there will be a lot of personal stress that we will have to deal with as being the victims of a politically motivated book based on stolen private information is no walk in the park. Knowing that we have a secure subscription income to back us up will go a long way towards helping us to soldier through it.

Currently, 107 Whaleoilers are sitting in no man’s land. They started the subscription process but didn’t finish it.

Now that we have Stripe as a payment platform finishing the process is easy.

If only 70 of you finish the process we will achieve the half way mark of our yearly subscription goal way ahead of schedule. The floodwaters of Hager’s Hit on us may happen anytime between now and the election in September. If we could get those 70 subscriptions now it would fill those sand bags and keep the flood of media interest from increasing our personal stress. Knowing we have that secure income would be the best gift you could give us. We don’t know what Sticky Nicky has planned for us but we can be certain that he is up to no good.