Dear Shane

via email?

Date: Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 9:08 PM
Subject: RE: Happy New Year | Job creation, infrastructure and social services | Campaign 2017
To: “Dr Shane Reti, MP for Whangarei” <[email protected]>

Hi Shane,

I’m not one to normally reply, in fact this is the first time I’ve written to an MP, but I think it might be useful to get some feedback from one of your constituents, especially given John Key has stepped down and Bill English has taken over.

To be frank, after many years of support (including being a financial member) of the national party, I am not likely to give my party vote to National again this year. It’s been a few years in the making, but I’ve been growing increasingly unhappy with how far left of centre National has gone. In particular leaving middle class welfare Working for Families and interest free student loans untouched. These were nothing short of political bribes by a Labour Govt. bereft of ideas and desperate to cling to power – they have no place in our society and should have been well and truly phased out by now.

Until now, I’ve been relatively ok with most things, realising that there is a balance and I don’t need to like all of the policies this government has implemented, just the package as a whole. However, the straw that broke the proverbial camel is the disgrace of UN resolution 2334. Ironically, I don’t have particularly strong views on Middle East issues and have not read widely enough to convincingly argue one side or the others, but I can smell this a mile away – it stinks.

It came across as NZ being Obama/Kerry lap dogs and puts us firmly on the wrong side of the argument – aligned with terrorist organisations rather than a democratic state. Why on earth did New Zealand take a leading role on this? Even worse than that was the deafening silence from Bill English and Murray McCully as the issue ignited and entered public debate. What the heck was McCully thinking? Why wasn’t he up front before, during and after such a significant issue?

Far from this being limited my reaction only, a number of my friends and colleagues have expressed varying levels of disgust at what has occurred. I’m not sure that the party hierarchy realise just how much damage this has done.

My questions for you are:
a. Did you know about this in advance, before the UN resolution?
b. Do you support the resolution and the Government’s position on it?
c. What, if anything is National going to do to put this right?
d. How are National going to win back the trust (and vote) of people like me?
e. Why do National always hold their northern conference on opening weekend? Do they hate the average kiwi bloke?

I look forward to your response – I certainly hope you don’t treat my feedback with the disdain that some of the more senior MPs have with their own constituents.

Kind regards, Xxxxx