Dear Todd

via email

Good afternoon Todd,

I have not received an answer to my recent email in respect of the above apart from the “I’m out of the office response standard email”.

The thrust of my email was that I am seriously disappointed in the National Governments sponsoring of this resolution putting NZ alongside appalling failed states such as Venezuela and Senegal.

Why is your government supporting the enemies of Israel for the first time ever? Israel [is] the only democracy in the ME, this kind of support is what I would expect from the far left Green Party and Labour.

I look forward to your response.

I have read McCully’s pathetic and embarrassing standard reply, needless to say he seems to come across as a supporter of ME regimes vs Israel.

In summary I have been a National party supporter since the early 90’s, I voted Labour in 84 for the only time and this was a protest vote against the Muldoon led government of the time.

Frankly in this years election I am seriously wavering due to this action by McCully.

Todd, I look forward to your response or phone call, my # is 02xxxxx08.

Kind Regards