In defence of our Prime Minister

Guest post

I have had several discourses lately in the comments section on WO with Wayne Mapp ? we seldom agree on anything but I am glad he is here and offering his opinions. Unfortunately it is not often that we get a visitor from the left who is willing to civilly debate the issues! I think that Wayne epitomises the Red-Blue left leaning faction that covers a lot of National MP?s. They have become for want of a better analogy, NZ?s beltway elites who stick to their own circles, inter marry, go to the same elite schools and live in ?gated? communities. They have little idea of how the common man/women of NZ lives, and care even less!

What, you say, has this got to do with defending our PM?

Well, it?s about ignorance. If the only information you receive is from tainted sources, how can you make rational decisions?

In my opinion Bill English, a career bureaucrat and observant Roman Catholic has his upbringing and career choices holding him back from access to the necessary information to make rational decisions.

Take the Roman Catholic religion ? the Nicene creed, taught to every Roman Catholic child of the 70?s in the South Island ? ?…we believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church…?. In the 70?s we were taught that there is only one true church and all those unbelievers are going to hell! Times have moved on and certainly the church has become more liberal ? however the underlying principles remain the same. In other words, the PM will have little interest in those of another religion and would be unlikely to do any research into them ? with particular reference to the Jewish and Islamic faiths. He will not visit sites like WO and Brietbart and therefore will not have read any of the excellent articles on Islam and the plight of Israel written by the likes of SB and Joel B Pollak.

And I can understand why. I am a bit older than the PM, but grew up in a similar Southern background as an RC. Up until recently, I was tolerant of Islam, just anti the radicals and considered the religion to be reasonable. All that changed when I was motivated to investigate the religion and look into the Koran and hadiths etc. To say I went through a personal reformation would be an understatement! I would suggest that the vast majority of NZ?s, including our PM are like the old me ? and of course the MSM contributes to this bias with terms like ?religion of peace?.

As to the state of Israel, I believe that most people would be ignorant the history of the lands, and that the actual legal boundaries for the state are probably those established by the Balfour resolution of 1917, part of the Sevres peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire, and the Mandate for Palestine. Certainly an unbiased French court has ruled that the 1917 Balfour declaration has legal precedence! (article on the ruing is here. ) The 1948 independence day borders were based upon the practical borders in place at that time after Jordan annexed East Jerusalem and slaughtered the Jews who had lived there for thousands of years. The 1967 borders were established through conquest and rationalised with Jordan, Syria and Egypt.

Is the PM aware of all this? Probably not. Look who is advising him, McCully, who appears to be quite anti-Semitic based upon his comments, our Foreign Office of career bureaucrats and the UN!

So, as you can see ? it is probably not that Bill English is an anti-Jew Islamist, he is just ignorant (of the facts?)

So having defended our PM and why he has the positions he has, I simply ask three questions. Is it OK for our PM to appear to be this naive of the world we live in? Why has the National party (similar to the Muldoon years) taken such a lurch to the left? What can we do about it?

– Rosco

Declaration: ?I am?a South Island native, bought up Roman Catholic ? now an Atheist with knowledge!?Could never understand why my father (an Atheist ? but a good bloke) had to go to hell because he wasn?t baptised!