Dirty Media causing problems for Labour

The Labour party has enjoyed the support of the Media party?for so long they can’t recognise when they are being played.

Right now the conventional wisdom amongst dirty media is that Labour needs to change their deputy because?Jacinda Ardern got a measly 10,000 votes in a by-election labour was always going to win.

They are going all in, perhaps because they realise that they can’t touch National with their machinations so they may as well give Andrew Little and Annette King a tickle up in a bid to make Labour more competitive than they really are.

Tracy Watkins sticks her oar in.

The best advice is free they say. And there is never any shortage of it when you are leader of the Opposition.

Labour leader Andrew Little must feel like he’s been hit by a wall of advice – well meaning or not – since the Mt Albert by-election reminded everyone that Jacinda Ardern is one of Labour’s biggest assets.

So here’s some more and Annette King won’t like it very much. ?

Little was criticised when he passed Ardern over for the deputy leadership in favour of King in 2015, and Ardern’s win in Mt Albert last weekend has only reinforced all the reasons for Little to promote her.

She has cross over appeal with voters, she has a high media profile and name recognition, she appeals to the urban liberal voters Labour needs to attract, she is respected by the all-important Auckland business community (important because Labour needs their support when it puts its fundraising hat on), and people like her – which would be a useful counter to the “angry Andy” tag which seems to be sticking with voters.

Ardern also rings the generational changes in Labour. King is a veteran of the Lange and Clark governments.

And we should listen to Tracy Watkins, why? When has she ever been right about anything? Where is the evidence that what she says is even remotely true?

Ardern has left the door wide open for Little to make the change, saying she will do whatever the party wants.

But the louder Ardern is talked up, the deeper King appears to be digging her heels in. She’s been on the warpath with media who?she accuses of being age-ist.

The Media party might be ageist, but they are definitely being dirty. There is simply no call for any change from within Labour. If anyone can recognise dirty media it is me. This is the sort of play made by some in caucus, leak to media, get the friendlies to suggest there are ructions, cause mayhem…then provide the solution. I’ve done this before, and now the Media party are doing it. The only question is…For whose benefit?

Much and all as I’d like to see Labour have a massive stoush?just a few short months out from an election, I think that this is just Media party shenanigans.

Dirty media are just being dirty, making themselves the story, and making up fake news. I get why they are doing it, they know that Labour can’t win led by Andrew Little. They are just trying to mitigate the damage so Labour loses by a bit less. It is the Mike Moore play all over again.


– Fairfax