Doesn’t want to ban something? Can’t be a Green MP then

Trevor Mallard wants Rodeos tidied up, but not banned

The Mataura Rodeo and the Southland Rodeo will be held this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

“Some people think it [rodeo] should be banned,” Mallard said.

“My view is there is things we can do without, that are undoubtedly cruel.”

Mallard listed flank straps, electronic prods, twisting tails and rope burn as ways to distress the animals, which he believed were unnecessary.

If those things were removed, then rodeo would be okay, he said.

However, he was not in favour of banning rodeos, he said.

As he shouldn’t be. ?With the exception of perhaps one or two people who will clearly exit the rodeo circuit or improve their behaviour, rodeos are less stressful for animals than being sent off to the works. ?

However, New Zealand Rodeo Cowboys Association president Marty Deans said rodeo events were bound by an animal welfare code, enforced by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

“If we break it, we are dealt with by MPI,” he said.

“It’s like any law of the land … [if you break it] you’re eligible for prosecution.”

In his time involved with rodeos, Deans had never been approached by an activist at a show.

If Mallard was to attend any of the rodeos in Southland during the weekend, Deans said he would like to speak with him to hear his views.

Negative views of the industry were driven by people who were anti-rodeo, many of whom had not attended any shows, he said.

“They don’t take the time to look at the other side,” he said.

“About 99 per cent of people [who are anti-rodeo] have never been to a rodeo,” he said.

These are the same people that can’t bear to think of a chicken ending up inside a nice tasty coating, or even a fish being ripped from the sea to end up alongside some chips.

At least Labour’s old tusker hasn’t quite given in to the snowflakes.


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