Election 2017: Strike up the band

Opposition parties have a message for the government now the election has been set for September 23 – bring it on.

“We’re ready and raring to go so we can change the government and build a better New Zealand,” said Labour leader Andrew Little.

“We can’t wait to start campaigning on what Kiwis are worried about today – we urgently need to fix the housing crisis to make first homes more affordable, help Kiwis get the health care they need and build a world-class education system.”

The Greens are going to run a joint campaign with Labour and co-leader James Shaw says his party is more energised and better prepared than ever before.

“We have shown what a credible, compassionate, progressive alternative to National looks like,” he said.

“There’s a real feeling for change in our country.

“We can end child poverty, we can have affordable housing, we can have rivers and lakes we can swim in and we can have an economy that benefits everyone.”

NZ First leader Winston Peters was, for once, the opposition party leader with the least to say.

“All our planning and key events, such as the campaign launch and the annual convention, are set around this date,” he said.

“It suits us fine.”

ACT leader David Seymour, a government ally, says his party is in the best shape it’s been in for years.

“We’ll have effective candidates in electorates across the country,” he said.

“Delivering ACT the balance of power is vital for denying Winston Peters a role in the government… we will ensure Bill English remains prime minister.”

As if they would say anything else. ?Like, “you know what, we’re going to sit this one out. ?There will be another one in three years”.

And of course they are all “excited”, and ‘ready to go’ and they ‘can’t wait’.

There is a feeling of promise and possibility since John Key chucked it all in. ?And if the left had any kind of credibility they’d romp home. ?Let’s face it, when the answer to “who can we vote for?” is Gareth Morgan, politics is now truly befuddled.

Pundits say this years is going to be nastiest, the most boring and the most interesting election yet. ?I suspect they might all be right. ?In the end, the result was known from the start. ?But the battles, the personalities, the crime, the dirt, the negativity will at least entertain us pundits.


– NZN via Yahoo! News