After the election, will ACT be the tail that wags the National dog?

David Seymour

ACT will push the Government hard to follow through on tax cuts and road pricing, says party leader David Seymour.

“Steven Joyce made all the right noises on tax cuts anda demand-based road pricing in his speech today. This comes after constant pressure from ACT to adopt these ideas.

“Unfortunately, National has a depressing record of campaigning from the right but governing from the left. They talk about respecting taxpayers and then introduce new taxes. They talk about cutting red tape but then introduce new flawed regulations.

“The fact that National has at least paid lip service to these ideas means they?ll have to follow through after the election – so long as there is a strong ACT to hold them to their word.

“National can talk all they want about fixing congestion and cutting tax, but only ACT will make them actually do it.”


With one MP, they will have no leverage. ?How many will it take? ?Two? ?Three? ?Ten?

It is clear that ACT will be provided a flagship policy as a reward for their cooperation in forming a new government. ?But to say ACT will “make them actually do it” is a little optimistic.

More practically, NZ First will have a lot more influence on National. ?If ACT can make National do anything, then NZ First will achieve a lot more.

And on that basis, if you want National to be reminded that it is the voters that provide the power, three years of NZ First should have much more of an effect than another 3 years of ACT.