Everyone the Left is against is Hitler

Every one that the Left is against they say is Hitler.

Everything that they disagree with they say is Fascist.

Hitler first joined a party that only hard-core unionists could love called?the?German Workers Party? ? (doesn’t sound very right-wing?does it?) which eventually turned into the National Socialist German Workers’ Party that the Left in modern times continues to inexplicably compare to people and parties that are the complete opposite of both Socialism and Fascism.

Hitler was a Fascist dictator obviously but he was also a hard-core socialist and his policies reflected that.

Let’s look at some of the comparisons to Hitler …

The portrait of Hitler to the left appears to have inspired a recent satirical attack on conservative media executive and ex-Breitbart editor Steve Bannon who works for President?Trump.



It even happens here in New Zealand. Who can forget this poster that popped up everywhere during our last election?


Democratically elected leader Donald Trump has been satirised?by the same lame Hitler comparisons that John Key was.

To be fair the use of Hitler as a political attack has been used by both sides.

Hitler is used to try?to make people look bad so often these days that the use of it has itself become a joke. A great example of how Hitler has lost the power to shock are the popularity of ?Hitler downfall videos.

One of these videos won an annual subscription to Whaleoil recently and amused us all with Hitler reacting to the news that he would have to win a democratic vote in order to get a subscription to Whaleoil.

Hitler may have missed out on a subscription much to his disappointment but you can support our wonderful capitalist and conservative enterprise by subscribing today. For less than the cost of one Lefties fair-trade, caffeine-free soy-latte a week you can be ad-free, have faster loading times and help build New Zealand’s, Breitbart.


Perhaps one day soon Cameron Slater can achieve the heady heights of being drawn as Hitler just like Steve Bannon. After all, I have two books already jam packed with cartoons and caricatures and political cartoons drawn of Cam over the years. Someone has to draw him as Hitler eventually.