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What is the male equivalent of a bunny boiler?

[Robyn Night:] “I felt physically sick that a man who had said he loved me was capable of doing something so vile and grotesque,” she said, husband River’s hand a rod of support on her back.

“I really didn’t know how to feel. After four years his reign of terror was over.”

Ten metres away, bald and bearded, large frame filling a dark, pin-striped suit, her ex awaits his punishment.

Head slightly bowed, Ryan Kotynski sits almost completely still as the woman whose phone number, address and photo he scattered on adult dating profiles across the internet relives the whole sorry ordeal.

Her fake online personas said she was an “extreme no limit slave pig” with “no rights whatsoever”.

Online, she might have been identified c—pigrobyn78 or a woman with a rape fantasy, who even wanted gang rape or torture. “Come rape me”, “I like it rough”, “ruin me”, the fake profiles on websites such as AdultFriendFinder and HomemadeBDSM said.

Some of them still do.

Over three years, some 50 men turned up on the doorstep, even as Night was pregnant with her first child. She installs security cameras, a lock on the gate and signs that would be odd if you didn’t know the horrible history behind it.

Random messages appear on her phone from numbers she doesn’t recognise, asking for sex. Vulgar notes are dropped in the letterbox.

Kotynski, out for revenge because he thought she cheated all those years ago, created profile after profile and handed over the password to other men to do what they would.

In court, his defence said he was lonely and suffering from anxiety and has been embarrassed by the media attention.

Defence barrister Deborah Holliday denied her client made some of the more extreme posts and disowns the disturbing Photoshops superimposing his ex-partner’s head onto the body of women in sexual positions.

But Judge Leanne Clare said even if that was true, which the Crown does not challenge, she sees little difference between authoring the information and enabling it.

“Online invitations to rape and torture and gang rape, it’s hard to think of how it could be more chilling,” she said.

That’s simply not something that can ever be undone.

Night accepted her case was unique but wanted a defined offence to punish those who published naked photos or videos of their former partners online and those who engage in the objectionable practice of sharing them.

“Realistically, he shouldn’t be on parole in 14 months’ time,” she said.

“He put me through absolute hell. He should at least serve three years with non-parole. People shouldn’t be able to use your image to humiliate and torture you.

“I feel relieved and I can close the book on it but I’ll always be looking over my shoulder.”


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