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An arrest has been made over a racial attack in Huntly in which a group of friends where abused for being Muslim.

Aucklander Mehpara Khan complained to police after she and four friends stopped for a break in the Waikato town on Saturday during a road trip.

The 28-year-old corporate communications consultant said they had been travelling back to Auckland from to New Plymouth.

“Two of the group went to the bathroom, the rest of us got out of the car to stretch our legs and were standing by the car,” on State Highway 1 next to the Waikato River.

“All of a sudden this woman comes out of the bathroom and starts swearing at us and telling us that we don’t belong there and that we are Muslim b……, that need to F-off, basically,” said Khan.

The woman threw a beer can at Khan and her two friends.

“At this point I decided to start filming her. We couldn’t leave because our friends were still in the bathroom.”

The rest is captured in the video Khan recorded on her cellphone and posted on social media.

Khan said the abuser also took a swing at her, which she was able to block. When she took another swing, her friend blocked it.

The woman eventually walked away, but she came back as the group of women were securely in their car.

“We locked the doors and were about to back out when the woman returned and tried to get into the car and started slamming on the windows.”

Eventually a man approached the attacker and tried to calm her down.

These sorts of attacks based on ignorance and fear don’t help anyone. ?There are only losers.


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