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NEW ZEALAND RUGBY union legend Dan Carter apologised for a ?massive error in judgement? after French police stopped him for drink-driving in Paris.

The two-time World Cup winner, who plays for defending French champions Racing 92, said there were no excuses for his behaviour and he was grateful no one was hurt.

?I made a massive error of judgment and have let down my club, my fans and most importantly my family,? the 34-year-old posted on Facebook.

?I will have to now let the police/court process run its course and face the consequences. I am just glad no one was harmed. Sorry.?

A Paris police source said Carter was tested at the roadside in the city?s western 17th arrondissement on Wednesday night.

His alcohol level was measured at 0.8 grams per litre of blood, the source said, confirming a story which appeared in celebrity magazine Closer.

However, he was neither detained nor arrested, although he will be expected to attend a local police station.

With his alcohol level measured at just above the legal limit, Carter could be punished by a six-point penalty on his driving licence.

If the case goes to court, then a fine of ?4,500 or even a two-year jail sentence could be imposed.

Few of us haven’t stuffed up somewhere along the way. ?But we don’t have a world full of journalists following our every move.

Reported as four glasses of wine with dinner.

We might want to give him another chance. ?But there are people who aren’t amused that their brand is being sullied.


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