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Far-right populist politician Geert Wilders – who intends to ‘de-Islamise’ the Netherlands – has launched his election campaign today among tight security.

Groups of protesters gathered as the anti-Islam candidate, who has lived in hiding for more than a decade, launched his bid in Spijkenisse, a blue-collar suburb of Rotterdam.

Surrounded by police, Wilders today handed out fliers and posed for selfies with supporters at a market.

The politician, who was convicted for inciting discrimination in December, plans to shut all mosques, ban the Koran and close borders to refugees and migrants from Muslim countries.

What a fascinating time to be alive. ?From the relative safety of a south pacific island we can observe the experiment that’s western liberalism unfold as ?it comes up against resistance from people who do not want their children’s children to live in an Islamic Europe.

The latest combined opinion polls give Wilders and his PVV party between 24 and 28 seats in the 150-seat lower house of parliament, two to four seats ahead of Liberal Rutte’s ruling VVD party.

Wilders, who has spoken positively in favour of both Trump and Brexit, continued: ‘The elections for sure are historical. It’s a choice that the people of Holland can make on March 15 whether to give their country away more and more or to get their country back to themselves. To make the Netherlands ours again.’

The Netherlands will go to the polls on March 15, but even if he does win, Wilders would struggle to form a government since most major parties have ruled out joining a coalition with him.

Politicians in most western democracies are more concerned about what the media will write about them instead of further angering and frustrating voters. ? The more that Islamification of the west progresses, the more that politicians pretend the problem is with non-Islamic voters being bigots.


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