Faces of the Day

The last thing Labour needed at the start of an election year was internal strife, so it’s surprising Andrew Little went about recruiting Willie Jackson the way he did.

Promising the high-profile broadcaster a winnable slot on Labour’s list was sufficient to entice Jackson to give up any ideas about standing for the Maori Party, which had been wooing him.

“Right now there is a voice that is not well heard and that is the voice of urban Maori, and I think Willie brings very strong credentials in that regard,” Little told reporters when he announced his coup.

It’s not clear whether Little knew, or had even considered, how much discord would be created within the party.

I think it’s safe to say that Little really had no idea. ?The man is truly that incompetent. ?And it can all be sheeted home to him personally. ? This farce?even made Clare Curran look competent.

Little has been trying to damp it all down, but it’s his own actions that have also been under scrutiny.

Jackson wasn’t a party member when Little approached him, and won’t have been one for long enough to qualify as a candidate when the list is announced.

He’ll need a special waiver for that, issued by the council.

Little also went over the council’s head when he announced Jackson was coming on board.

He now says it will be up to the council to decide whether Jackson is a suitable candidate.

He knows the council will endorse Jackson because it doesn’t have much choice – a split between the council and the leader would be fatal for Labour’s election chances.

Little has run a messy operation. The fallout is manageable and there won’t be an open revolt, but it need not have happened the way it did.

People have asked for a return of the record board. ?Starting afresh for 2017…


– Peter Wilson, NZN via Yahoo! News