The MSM fashionable smear of the moment is “White Nationalist”

“White Nationalist”, “White Supremacist”, these two racially charged smears are being flung around by the MSM the way monkeys’ fling poo. One of the popular targets for this smear is Milo?Yiannopoulos who is?only guilty of the progressive crime of being white. Despite the smears being fact free it has not stopped various individuals and mainstream media outlets from repeating them as they have become the fashionable smear of the moment.

The Smears:

Lt. Governor of California Gavin Newsom smeared Milo as a ?White Supremacist?

  1. Lt. Governor of California Gavin Newsom Smears Milo as ?White Supremacist?

Newsom, who has launched a campaign for Governor of California in 2018, said in a statement that people experienced ?both extremes at UC Berkeley?s campus last night, from the racism and misogyny of fly-by-night provocateur and white supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos, to the excessive response of a few protestors.?

Mayor of Berkeley Jesse Arreguin Smears MILO as ?White Nationalist?

2. Mayor of Berkeley Jesse Arreguin Smears Milo as a??White Nationalist?

A statement from the mayor of Berkeley, California released on Thursday morning called Breitbart Senior Editor Milo a ?white nationalist.? Milo is demanding an apology.

Over the past few months, more than six major news outlets were forced to issue retractions after falsely branding Milo a ?white Nationalist” They seem to have a policy of smear first retract later.

3.?NBC News

The article, which was originally titled ?Leslie Jones Rips Simon & Schuster for Publishing Book by White Nationalist Troll Milo Yiannopoulos,? was authored by NBC News staff writer Emma Margolin.

In addition to the article?s title, the original version?also included a passage that labeled MILO a ?white nationalist troll.?

4.?USA Today

In her article ?Leslie Jones speaks out after harasser Yiannopoulos lands book deal,? Lawler branded MILO with numerous false labels, while also claiming that MILO sent ?racist? abuse to actress Leslie Jones?despite?a complete lack of evidence to support these claims.

?After white nationalist and alt-right poster boy Milo Yiannopoulos?landed?a massive book deal with a reported $250,000 advance, publisher?Simon & Schuster has come under harsh criticism from those concerned that a book will elevate the voice of the notorious Breitbart editor,? wrote Lawler.

5. CNN

CNN have refused to correct?an article that falsely brands Breitbart Senior Editor MILO as a ?white nationalist,? ?racist,? and ?alt-right.?

In the article entitled ?Hail Trump? White nationalists already losing faith in President-elect,? CNN attempts to associate MILO with individuals such as ex-KKK member David Duke, Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin, and alt-right icon Richard Spencer, despite the factthat all three?have often vocally opposed him, and have repeatedly?proclaimed that he is not a member of the alt-right.

6. CBS

The local CBS News affiliate in Seattle issued a half-hearted?correction to an article in which they called Breitbart editor MILO a ?white nationalist.?

The original article, which falsely branded MILO a ?white nationalist,? and a leader of the alt-right movement was slightly modified. It now repeats the false claims of others instead of making the claims itself.

7 .The Los Angeles Times

The LA Times?issued a correction on an article about Breitbart Senior Editor MILO after falsely branding him a ?white nationalist.?

On Saturday, LA Times reporter Rick Anderson falsely branded Breitbart editor MILO a ?white nationalist? in an article covering last night?s shooting incident at the University of Washington. Today, the newspaper issued a correction, removing the reference which referred to MILO as a ?white nationalist.?

8. The Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago Tribune hasissued a correction to an article by columnist Heidi Stevens in which she falsely described MILO as a ?white nationalist? without providing any evidence to back up her smear.

Stevens, whose article lavished praise on feminist author Roxanne Gay, after?Gay decided to pull her book deal from Simon & Schuster in protest at the publisher awarding MILO with a $250,000 book deal for his upcoming book ?Dangerous.

The facts:

The alt-right has repeatedly disassociated itself with MILO, declaring on more than one occasion that he is not a member of their movement…

Milo has also sparred with various white nationalist and fringe sections of the right, so much so that white supremacist site The Daily Stormer waged a ?war? against him.

Alt-right icon Richard Spencer has also dispelled claims that Milo is a part of the alt-right, stating simply that ?Milo is not a part of the alt-right,? during a debate.

Many white nationalists?have also branded Milo a ?race-mixing kike faggot,??declaring their distaste for him.

Popular alt-right outlet ?The Right Stuff? also bluntly declared in an article that ?Milo isn?t one of us,? while self-proclaimed ?leading thought leader of Alt-Right,? Paul Town also rejected claims that Milo is anything close to a white nationalist or in a member of the alt-right movement, branding him a ?cultural libertarian.?

During numerous interviews, Milo has declared that he is not a member of the alt-right, nor a white nationalist? a label, which he adds, many white nationalists are proud to associate with, however the media has frequently attempted to pin him to the movement.

…Just last week, MILO spoke out against white nationalism, claiming that we should be ?aspiring to values and to ideas and focusing on what unites people, not what drives them apart.?

?And you shouldn?t give a sh*t about skin color, you shouldn?t give a shit about sexuality, you shouldn?t give a sh*t about gender, and you should be deeply suspicious of the people who do,? he concluded.