First poll of year sees Nats slump 4 points, thanks Murray

National has slumped 4 points int he latest 1News/Colmar Brunton poll.

This is the first poll since John Key cut and run.

National is at 46 per cent in the first 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll for the 2017 election year, down four points from the November poll.

Labour has climbed two points to 30, while the Greens are steady on 11 per cent, taking the centre left block’s combined vote to 41 percent.

Back in November National was 11 per cent ahead of the Labour-Greens combo.

New Zealand First is up one per cent to 11, and, based on our polling, would hold the balance of power post-election.

ACT is up one to one per cent, as is the Mana Party, which is back in the frame on one.

The Maori Party is steady on one per cent.

Winston Peters is in the box seat, but Bill English must be regretting letting Murray McCully run rogue at the UN Security Council. This is the cost.

National has started the slide to a number starting with 3.

In the preferred Prime Minister rankings, Bill English comes straight in at 31 per cent – just five points shy of where John Key was in November.

Mr Key has slipped back to two percent.

Labour leader Andrew Little is down one point to seven per cent, behind Winston Peters who is steady on eight per cent.

Labour MP Jacinda Ardern, who is contesting the Mount Albert by-election on February 25, is on four percent.

Andrew Little should be ashamed with those numbers. Even Bill English rates better than him. Jacinda Ardern has half of his pathetic score.

Winston Peters now can easily lay claim to the title of Leader of the Opposition even though he wants the title disestablished.

Labour will be ecstatic about this poll, but they shouldn’t be. In order for them to get across the line, they need NZ First and Andrew Little hasn’t even bothered to talk to Winston yet…then there are the Greens.

You also have to say the Willie Jackson play hasn’t yet delivered those magical missing voters that Andrew Little seems to think he will gain for them.

If you look at pure math then National/NZ First remains the most plausible government. Labour + NZ First isn’t enough to govern. Labour + Greens isn’t enough to govern.

Bill English better get well acquainted with Winston Peters…and he better sort out Murray McCully or this drop will be just the start.


– 1News