If Fossy’s ute is gay then these are Brokeback Utes

If Fossy’s ute is gay, then these are Brokeback Utes.

The Sun reports:

NISSAN was urged to recall the UK?s best-selling 4 x 4 pick-up after it emerged that a major fault could see the trucks snap in half.

Owners of Nissan Navaras ? popular among ?builders and mums ? have found severe rust which can cause cracks in the chassis.

The Japanese car firm has bought back scores of faulty trucks from drivers following inspections, but no official recall of the D40 model has been made.

The issue also affects some ?Pathfinder R51s, the seven-seater family car version of the Navara.

Nissan has known about the ?problem for a year and has been accused of keeping it ?under wraps?. ??

I wonder if they have the same problem here?

Navara owner Richy Holmes was towing a caravan to Scotland when his truck snapped with his pregnant wife and daughter aged four inside.

The 50-year-old Sunderland mechanic said of his 2015 ordeal: ?I was only going a few miles an hour ? I dread to think what could?ve happened if I?d been going faster.

?It?s an absolute disgrace that these vehicles are still on the roads.?

Motoring expert Matt Tumbridge, from Motoreasy, said: ?If one of these breaks up at high speed it is not just the huge damage to that driver and pedestrians ? it is other road users and pedestrians too.

?To make it worse, people buy these cars to carry heavy loads or trailers, which puts them under more strain and makes it more likely to happen.

?Nissan must issue a recall.?

Seems pretty bad. Mind I don’t have those problems, I drive an Isuzu DMax from Southern Autos.


– The Sun