Does Gareth Morgan really believe in evidence-based policy

Gareth Morgan states that he is unlike other political parties?and that their policies are evidence-based.

Once we have a clear idea of the problem, we can look at opportunities to resolve it. What does the theory suggest? What does the evidence suggest? What have we tried in the past, and how did that work? What have they tried overseas, and how well did that work?

Of course there is evidence and there is evidence. Some evidence is high quality, and priority should always be given to that. Establishment governments here and overseas often don?t want to monitor and evaluate policy because they don?t want to know if it hasn?t worked. Sometimes an idea is new or novel, and hasn?t been tried elsewhere. As a result, sometimes there isn?t much evidence around on a particular topic. However, lack of high quality evidence shouldn?t always be a barrier to action. Overall, we have to make a judgement based on the best available evidence at the time, which is where values come into play.

Establishment parties often twist the question of evidence to their political advantage. Look at the issue of obesity, where the Government has announced a ?22 point plan? to deal with the problem. They say there is no evidence that junk food taxes work, yet there is more evidence for the use of junk food taxes and restrictions on advertising to children than there is for any of the policies in their ?22 point plan?.

Right, so we get it, Gareth Morgan knows best because he uses evidence. His claims about taxes on junk are an example, and utterly flawed. There simply is no evidence to suggest what he claims.

But I digress. What I want to talk about is the evidence that suggests his party is irrelevant.

There is plenty of that available now.

Geoff Simmons, his candidate got less than 5% (4.62%) of the vote, in a by-election that saw just 12,971 votes counted. Only 27.6% of enrolled voters in Mount Albert voted in the by-election.

Some commentators have claimed that this gives Morgan the fillip he needs to push on. But does it?

I suggest the opposite. If that claim is to hold true then so do all the other numbers. Are those commentators really suggesting that Labour is about to get 77% in the general election? I don’t think so. When you factor in that just 27.6% of registered voters turned out then TOP’s real support is about 2% barely.

Will Gareth Morgan use his much-vaunted evidence-based approach to work out whether or not they should forge ahead and lose badly?in the general election? I suspect not. He will do what other wealthy narcissists do and just keep on keeping on because they are convinced of their own political immortality.

Will Gareth Morgan conduct a peer review of their campaign? Again I suspect not.

Which all goes to show that his claims about evidence-based decision making is just a bumper sticker slogan. That just makes him a political retard.

They barely rated in a by-election where the left-wing carved up the left side of the pie amongst themselves.

Personally, I hope they do stand and further erode the left-wing vote into small irrelevant?chunks.