When being a gay man was illegal

Orcar Wilde

Amy Adams has asked officials to look into providing a pardon for New Zealand men with convictions under the?1961 Crimes Act. ?Looks the the UK are ahead of the curve.

Thousands of gay and bisexual men convicted of now-abolished sexual offences have been posthumously pardoned, including famous playwright Oscar Wilde.

The move means those convicted for consensual same-sex relationships before laws were changed formally will have their convictions annulled.

The historic moment was confirmed by the Government as the so-called ‘Turing’s Law’ took effect this afternoon.

Justice Minister Sam Gyimah said it was a ‘truly momentous day’.

The pardons, which were first announced last year, have now been officially rubber-stamped after the Policing and Crime Bill received Royal Assent.

It enshrines in law pardons for those convicted of consensual same-sex relationships before laws were changed.

During the 80s, before the legalisation of consensual homosexual sex, 879 convictions were recorded. ?It is unlikely this will be sorted out before the election, but it is also unlikely a new government would stand in the way of this initiative.

Not that it matters much, but to extend it to posthumous pardons for New Zealanders would make sense too.


Daily Mail