Go on, tell me again that Wellington isn’t rooted

Another Wellington office block has been vacated due to earthquake risk.

Yet, we are being told that there is nothing wrong in Wellington, despite the port and all its office buildings being damaged beyond habitation and practical use, and several office blocks being torn down, and now we have the IRD building being evacuated.

Another central Wellington office building was evacuated today, after earthquake damage was discovered during an invasive engineering inspection.

IRD spokesperson Pete van Schaardenberg said nearly 500 staff were sent home from the Inland Revenue Department’s building at 12 Hawkestone Street this afternoon. ?

The building was one of 80 where the Wellington City Council ordered new, more comprehensive checks in the wake of November’s severe magnitude-7.8 earthquake.

Mr van Schaardenberg said that engineering work took place over the weekend, and a report was filed by the engineers early this afternoon.

He said it showed some damage to a couple of the pre-cast concrete floors, and, as a consequence, the building was evacuated as a precautionary measure.

He said remedial work was required.

Wellington City Council recovery manager Mike Mendonca said there were no concerns about public safety.

No concerns? Really? Why were 500 people sent home then if there were “no concerns”?

Someone is going to need to start telling the truth about Wellington and start asking questions about our building code and what happens when a building suffers an earthquake that exceeds magnitude 6.


– Radio NZ