Good News for Winston

John Key doesn?t get his numbers wrong very often, and he has made this prediction for the post election negotiations.

Key told Roughan quitting was the hardest decision of his life but he remained convinced it was the right call.

He admits to some sleepless nights though, worrying whether he had let down the public or scuppered National’s chances of a fourth term.

But Key believes his successor Bill English will win, supported by NZ First.

He faced most resistance to quitting from son Max, Key reveals.

Max asked him: “Why don’t you just run for a fourth term? You’re going to win.

“I think we can win too,” his father replied. “That’s why I’m doing this. I need to transition while we’re on top. The party can stay in power longer if I go and it’s better to go rather than stay until they want you to go.”

Key has kept a low profile since returning to Parliament and is expected to quit altogether within weeks.

That is where the smart money is. The left are not competent, the economy is strong and English is not as popular as Key. So it is likely that English will need more than ACT, Maori & United to form a government, which puts NZ First in the position of being likely coalition partner.


– Tracy Watkins, Stuff