Greens attack Nats and Act for rort in Epsom now donkey deep in Ohariu

There is a reason I call them hippycrites.

The Green Party won’t run a candidate in the Wellington seat of Ohariu because of it’s deal with Labour to change the government in September.

Labour at the weekend announced former long-standing Police Association president Greg O’Connor would be their candidate to challenging incumbent, United Future leader Peter Dunne.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw revealed on Tuesday that it made “perfect sense” in an MMP environment for his party not to contest the seat.

The party will only campaign for party votes in the electorate, he said.

“Not standing in Ohariu increases the chances that we will be in a position to change the government in September – it’s as simple as that,” he said.

But Labour has rejected that it’s a deal between the parties.

No deal.

So they have a Memorandum of Understanding to work together, but when they work together, they pretend it’s just a happy accident.

Greg O’Connor could be well suited as a Green party candidate too.

Having spent years and years trying to arm the police, he’s now against it.

Any politician that actually says what they mean and does what they say are vilified while two-faced weasels like Little and O’Connor are accepted as the norm and nobody bats and eyelid.


NZN via Yahoo! News