Guest Post: The real threat to Ahmadiyya Muslims like Mehpara Khan

Ahmadi Mosque in Chakwal December 2016 under attack


Guest Post:

One highly relevant fact about Mehpara Khan, the PR person who has stirred up a ruckus with her Facebook message alleging “anti-Muslim” prejudice:

She is a member of the Ahmadiyya branch of the faith. This is revealed throughout her Twitter and Facebook postings. The Mosque with Open days at Dalgety Street Manukau is the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya. SB has written about them and visited the Mosque.

The threat to Ahmadiyya Muslims most emphatically does not come from other Kiwis. It comes from other Muslims. Mehpara Khan and her friends are hated, rejected and persecuted as heretics and infidels throughout the Muslim world.

It seems odd in the extreme that Mehpara should highlight a random rant by a drunk Kiwi as an act of hostility to her faith. Maybe she should compile another list of where members of her faith have suffered actual persecution:

  • Bangladesh – all Ahmadiyya publications officially banned
  • India – Ahmadiyya representatives banned from national Muslim body
  • Indonesia – Ahmadiyya beaten to death by Sunni Muslims; 64 incidents of persecution in last recorded year.
  • Pakistan – Officially declared non-Muslims. 86 Ahmadis murdered and 100 injured in Lahore.
  • ?Palestine – Ahmadiyya leader declares “Palestine Authority encouraging the cold-blooded murder of the Ahmadis”
  • Saudi Arabia – Ahmadiyya foreign workers arrested, imprisoned and deported.
  • Attacks on Mehpara Khan’s branch of Islam in Christian/non-Muslim countries – NIL

NOTE: Despite the fact that the fundamentalist, extremist Muslims that Trump is trying to protect Americans from are as much of a threat to the Ahmadiyya community as they are to non-Muslims, the NZ Ahmadiyya community incomprehensively condemn his 90-day pause. When Pete and I visited their mosque they told us that they feared Islamic extremism as much as we did as they are not recognised as being ” true ” Muslims by Shia and Sunni Muslims. They are seen as infidels and non-Muslims just as we all are.