Has National been hacked, will there be a book and will it influence the election?

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Rumours are not facts and at the moment all I can write about are rumours. Kim Dotcom has stated that the National Party has been hacked and that there is a huge amount of stolen information available but we only have his word for it. If his claim is true will Nicky Hager be in bed with the hacker once again and will he use stolen information to release another politically timed book? If he does will it be from?a second hack or will it be new information from the original hack that Rawshark has now given him? Everyone has assumed that only Whaleoil was hacked because the book focussed on us but everyone must remember that Hager thought we could be used to bring down the National government. Also,?Hager could only write his book based on the selective information that Rawshark chose to release to him.





When we were hacked John Key wasn’t particularly sympathetic. In fact, he told the media that he “didn’t care.” If what Kim Dot Com has said is true then I am sure that John Key will care very much when it is his personal and private conversations on display with no context supplied and Nicky Hager spinning his words in whatever light he chooses saying things like, ” It appears that”or” he may have been referring to.”


Prime Minister John Key says he doesn’t know the identity of the hacker – but says it would be good if they were outed.

“I I haven’t spoken to Cameron. All I can guess – and it literally is a guess – obviously it has to be someone with motives and it has to be someone that is sophisticated… my understanding is that they got into his gmail [account] and I understood that to be really difficult to get into.

“He runs his own ship, he is his own entity… so I don’t have clue.”

Hacking was a “serious matter” and Key said he expected there would be a prosecution if there was proof.

“This is someone who is essentially stealing material. And I think New?Zealanders?would say that whatever the rights and wrongs of politics… that’s an illegal activity and makes everyone feel a bit uncomfortable.”

Asked if there was much public sympathy for Slater, Key said: “Well I don’t know and I really don’t sort of care… he’s just running a blog site like anybody else.”


If Nicky Hager’s next book is in part or wholly based on?the private communications stolen from Whaleoil before the last election rather than from a hack of The National Party then we are in for a wild ride and regardless of the personal toll it will take on us all here at Whaleoil it will once again shoot our readership into the stratosphere.

I don’t understand why Nicky would reveal more revelations about Whaleoil as he has already made as big of a mountain as he could out of the molehill that was our private communications. He has had his chance to prove to the world that Cameron Slater is a terrible monster who said rude things in private as well as in public. How shocking.

It is so similar to what was done to Trump. The poor guy shared some locker room talk with other men and one of them years later ” leaked” what he said to the salivating press. Can you imagine what it is like to be held to account publicly for things you said with an expectation of privacy? What’s next? Pillow talk? Has Rawshark bugged our bedroom?

Nicky Hager and Kim Dotcom failed in their mission to cost National the election last time and if any of the revelations are about John Key then his resignation may help take the wind out of their sails this time. The first book revealed that Whaleoil is well connected and that as a journalist and blogger Cam spoke to people from all walks of life which is why he was so well informed and often knew behind the scenes information that others didn’t. What it failed to show was how his sources were spread across the political spectrum as Hager only showed National contacts despite the undisputable fact that politicians from other parties had done guest posts on Whaleoil. The book failed to reveal anything illegal. All it did was try to smear as dirty the workings of a very effective, influential political blog.

Nicky Hager risks hack fatigue from his audience as hacking has lost its shock value and become almost commonplace. If he believes (as many Progressives do) that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump because of the hack on her private server rather than because Trump ran a better campaign, then he may believe that another book will cost National the election.

If John Key was still Prime Minister then maybe another book could have an effect if the revelations were about him personally. If the book is once again about Whaleoil I fail to see how it will hurt the National Party given the hostility between Cam and prime minister Bill English and this blogs’ well-known disillusionment with the National Party. They cannot call us National’s “attack dog” with any credibility. Anything from the original hack is now OLD NEWS that is fit only for wrapping fish and chips.

The media, of course, will have a field day and many journalists will do whatever Nicky Hager wants to promote his book because he has till now kept their identities secret. Many in the MSM were in regular contact with Whaleoil but Nicky Hager only revealed the identities of those he wanted to expose, deciding instead to “protect” and give a second chance to those he thought would see the error of their ways if he omitted them from the book.

Having considered the rumours we are hearing so far I have come to the following conclusion. Whaleoil can no longer be used as a weapon against the National Party so the only possible motivation for having a second go at us would be to try once again to silence the largest and strongest political blog in New Zealand.

Whatever Hager’s new book is about I have a song for him and it applies equally to both Whaleoil and to?the National Party. We don’t go running to our safe space when hackers and hagers attack, we get knocked down and we get up again…