The hard-left continue to smash Willie Jackson with vigour

Willie Jackson is also in trouble for daring to be a bloke, and for supporting charter schools.

Both things are anathema to the modern and politically correct Labour party.

Labour leader Andrew Little has gone into bat for Willie Jackson after further concerns from Labour’s ranks about Jackson’s past comments on radio and support for charter schools.

An open letter which says it is from Young Labour members is urging Labour’s New Zealand Council to reject Jackson as a candidate, citing his past comments on the Roastbusters case, his questioning of Labour MP Grant Robertson about his sexuality, and his support for charter schools.

The letter says all three demonstrated his unsuitability to be a Labour MP. It also points to Labour’s own rules to have a higher proportion of women in Parliament.

The open letter was prepared by Young Labour.

Chris Hipkins will speak up next about Jackson’s support for charter schools.

Jackson was a driving force behind two charter schools as chair of the National Urban Maori Authority. He has previously publicly criticised Labour and its education spokesman Chris Hipkins for campaigning to get rid of them.

Jackson said today he did not believe that was a deal killer for Labour.

“We are running a charter school and if Labour gets in and changes it, what they said to me is they are into any school that will be successful and if they change the charter school idea, or name, they’re not going to get rid of the principle of charter schools, which is to help kids turn their lives around.”

Little clarified that Labour did not agree with the charter schools model including its provision for unregistered teachers and the ability not to adhere to the formal curriculum. However, it had supported special character schools.

“We are supportive of school systems that work and particularly that help to address educational underachievement.”

Sounds like Chippie will get a kicking from Little, who is also signalling a change in Labour’s opposition to charter schools. But someone needs to ask Andrew Little how teacher registration is going at protecting kids in state schools?

Given the hard work that Andrew Little is putting into sticking up for Willie Jackson, there is a good chance that Tammy Wynette’s song is going to become Little’s campaign song.

Meanwhile,?Little is basically saying that the man ban is dead,?so is any real opposition to charter schools and that he’s the boss, so stfu to everyone else.


-NZ Herald